How to style different types of T-shirt

T-shirts is a like a life saver in an outfit form. It is such a versatile clothing item that it can be paired in a different way for almost every occasion. Apart from that, t-shirts are really comfortable, found in a plethora of styles andyou can buy mens t shirts online at really affordable and discounted prices. So here’s out helpful guide to help you style these style staples for different occasions.

  1. For a Special Date

When you are choosing your outfit for a date, it is usually better to play it safe with classic that always work no matter what. One such classic is the time tested combination of a white t-shirt with blue jeans. Pull your look together with a nice pair of shoes which are comfortable for little a walk in the park like a pair of sneakers which are not only comfortable but also give a very young and laid back look. To add some understated style to this look, put on shades that flatter your facial structure and a nice watch. Since the look is so clean and simple it is essential that you stay extremely well groomed so if you like to stay shaven then go for a clean shave or if you have a beard then go a light trimming and shaping. And, last but not the least, sprits on your favourite perfume so you look as fresh as you look.

  1. For A Movie

For a movie with friends, you can go for a t shirt in a bright colour like a turquoise blue, bright red or coral. The bright and eye catching colour of the t shirt is such a statement in itself that you can keep the rest of the look simple with classic jeans. Bright colours like red and coral pair great with blue jeans while blues work best with white jeans. However, if colour is not your cup of tea, then you can go for a t-shirt with a quirky one liner or a message you want to spread. But be careful to not pick something that is too offensive or you have no knowledge about as these t shirts are quite a conversation starter and you don’t want to be dumbfounded.

  1. For a Night out

When you are heading to a party or hitting the club you want to dress your part. A layered look is both practical and stylish at the same time. To create this look you should build a closet which has enough basic t shirts so buy mens t shirtsonline if you don’t have them already. Take a t shirt in a neutral colour like black or grey or white and wear it underneath a cool leather jacket. Try to keep the colour of your jacket in the same colour family as your shoes if not match them completely. You can go for smart leather shoes in a style you are comfortable with. But if you do not want to go for a leather jacket in the warm Indian climate then you can go for a lighter and comfortable denim shirt which gives the layered look without the discomfort.