Sibling rivalry is a part of childhood which never leaves the memory. Even when a brothers and sisters grow up, these rivalries cultivate into a bond that makes them difficult to separate. No matter how much we scold our sisters, or how many times a sister snitches on her brother on his misdoings, the loves never fades away. It is beyond time and distances. Hence, siblings are a special part of us who deserve to be presented with gifts. To help you with the gift recommendations, here is a suggestion of the most preferred and unconventional gifts which are bound to put a smile on your sister’s face. Be it a ring holder, or custom paintings painted by Portrait Flip, these gifts are a sure shot way to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters.

Ring Holder Shapes:

It is one of the common items, with an added touch of art and unconventional appearances. According to customs and traditions and carried in bag, vanities and pockets of overcoats, these rings need to enter the party in a way that makes them the centre of attraction; the spotlight of fame. Instead of running to the closest craft store last minute for a plain rings pillow, check out the most out of the box designs and artworks on ring holders which make them a must addition of the list that will inspire you and your sister to get creative. From outdoor cushions to vintage cigars boxes to a seashell articles, these wedding rings holders will take your ceremony to an entirely different level. Wedding planning happens to be one of the most memorable of life, but with the rush and the overlooking of tiny details, the emotional tough is lost. Think about the choosing of a magnificent wedding venue, picking out your beautiful non-traditional wedding dress and creating centerpieces). It is natural to be mesmerized by these happenings, forgetting about the tiny details, like what wedding ring boxes that may have been planned to be adorned during the day of ring exchange. The art work visible in these ring holders are similar to customized art, some of which are undertaken by custom painting portals (Portrait Flip).

Customized artworks:

Customization is the flexibility in art which was not available in the olden days. Be it the subject of the painting, the style of the painting, the frame size of the painting and the cost of the painting, the flexibility in customized art has made them a very preferable choice of gifts for people among all the age groups. Wedding parties, anniversaries, birthday of siblings as well as friends, important celebratory events are all incomplete without a small token of appreciation, and custom art is the perfect choice of such a present that can make anybody happy and content.

Custom painting is undertaken by any online custom painting providers, and a lot of them like Portrait Flip are there in the market to cater to the needs of people who want these pieces of art. The artwork is a thing of beauty and only a glance at it I enough to make a person realize the fact. Once when the eyes are set on these paintings, it becomes difficult to resist not buying one for yourself.

Power Nap Pillow:

Catch a quick nap against a bus window, the metal rails of a subway seat, the bark of a tree, on the desk at work, or even the back of a park bench. The innovative power nap pillow provides cocoon-like comfort no matter where you need to nap. The pillow’s super-soft cloth covering is highly absorbent, comfortable, and amazingly breathable. With a durable covering that encompasses the entire head and neck, the Ostrich Pillow makes it possible to nap anywhere. A simply attempt to imagine the potential locations where this would come in handy is enough to realize the importance of this pillow in everyday life. It is a soft cocoon that encases a person’s head and hands, allowing the person to take a power nap in relative privacy wherever they please. To elaborate it, this unique styled pillow offers a micro environment in which a tired person can take a comfortable power nap in the office, travelling or wherever he or she wants. Whenever your sister feels like taking a nap in the hot summer afternoons after a sumptuous lunch, these pillows are the singular solution. It can also be selected from a wide variety of sizes, so it can be bought even for elder people who have neck pains owing to elder age. It is a single solution to numerous sleeping habits.

When it comes to custom paintings, Portrait flip is a suggested custom service portal for procuring of custom paintings in exchange for meagre charges. There are three parts to the process. Firstly a photo needs to be taken and sent to the custom painting portal through the relevant contacts provided at the online website. Secondly, the style of the painting in which the artist must paint the desired image must be mentioned. Some of the common types are oil painting, charcoal painting, water color painting and plain pencil sketches. Lastly, the frame size of the painting has to be specified. The sized offered are small size, medium size and big size. There is a fourth category termed as custom size and it is where the dimensions are specified by the customer. On completion of these steps, the painting is delivered to the customer within a short span of time.

Enjoy the beauty of art, made more beautiful by Portrait Flip.