7 Gifts To Surprise The Graduate Student

Has it happened to you that you do not know what to give to your recent graduate?

No matter the grade level, it is always a dilemma if you should give something that has an intellectual tinge, or that matches your tastes. In the end, it is always good to take into account several aspects in the life of the graduate, to choose something perfect for him.

Here are some great tips for you to look with your next gift when you are invited to a graduation:


For a graduate or master’s degree, this might seem like a trite gift, however, a personalized pen is appreciated and is very functional. Believe it or not, their prices can range from about $ 300 pesos, a single Cross brand, to more than $ 3000 thousand pesos if you want it in 14 carat gold.

Electronic reader

A university student who reaches the end of his career knows that reading is essential to acquire new knowledge. In this sense, it would be super functional to have an electronic book reader, such as the Kindle, which in a minimum space can carry your entire library. It could also be a Tablet, since in addition to reading, it allows you to take your email and work from anywhere.

Tie or shirts

For a university student who will start his professional life, or a master’s or graduate degree, one could be a good option and can buy Class of 2019 shirts. Since whenever he uses it, he will remember you and that good detail. Ignore this gift if the person does not usually wear a suit. Remember! It is always good to observe it before choosing your gift.


Finishing a school year at any level is always a great triumph, so a trip, whether in family or alone, depending on the age, will always be an incredible reward.

Video game console

Teenagers love video games, how about you give them one? There are many different consoles and thousands of games, so ask him his tastes and surprise him with a bit of his favorite technology.


Another gift that any young person will appreciate is a Smartphone that no longer looks like paperweights with music. If it is in your possibilities, give it one that he or she wants. Besides that it will be a good gift will be a good excuse to stay connected.

For the little ones

For the little ones at home, receiving their favorite toy by finishing the year with good grades is a great option. But not only that, you can also choose to reward them with an incredible summer course, a visit to the amusement park, etc.

As you can see, there are all kinds of gifts for any budget. So choose what you think is best for your graduate and indulge him on his big day.