A guide to choosing the right shirt for your physique

Everyone looks good in a high-quality shirt – but only if it suits your body type. Read on to explore how to choose a shirt that is perfect for your physique.


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Dress shirts can be difficult to find to fit perfectly. There are definitely some shirts that look better on tall men, short men, larger men or thin men. The trick is finding the right fit to flatter your figure.

Shirt fit considerations

Some of the things to consider are the length of the shirt, style of sleeves and buttons, placement of sleeves and the type of pockets. One important thing to look out for is the shoulder seam, which should be on the corner of your shoulder bone. Arm holes should be high enough without restricting movement.

Sleeves should not be billowing but should not be tight. The sleeve should end where the palm of the hand meets the wrist, about one inch beyond your wrist bone. For the body size, there should be about three or four inches of fabric to pull away from the body lightly – if there is less your shirt might be too small, while more than this could indicate a shirt that is too big.

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One area that is always difficult to decide upon is the collar style. Pointed collars can be suitable for a larger build as they can streamline the look and sharpen the face. If you are tall a spread collar can look good as it adds width to balance your height.


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Classic white shirts

Many fashion experts swear by a classic white Oxford shirt for all occasions. The classic white shirt can be worn for any event. For example, it can be dressed up with a suit for work, while it can also be dressed down with shorts for a weekend picnic. You can roll the sleeves up and open the collar for a relaxed look or wear it with a tie for formal occasions.

Whatever look you are going for, it is possible to find a dress shirt that fits like a glove, flatters your physique and makes you look great.